GPF 14 – Peer locally with local network on local IXs … or not!

Peer locally with local network on local IXs … or not!

Martin Levy, Cloudflare

Peering is (and will possibly always be) a local thing. It started like that and it continues to this day. But a few decades ago it started getting global. Very global! Time and networks have changed. Content has moved closer to eyeballs over the past decade. IXs have sprouted up in nearly every geography. Even communities centered around NOGs, NOFs, IX and peering forums have proliferated to all four corners of the globe. Heck even those telco-centric Capacity meetings have started to offer “peering days”.

So what’s a global community to do next? Should we continue to throw remote peering links halfway around the globe? Should we encourage or┬ádissuade large IX organizations from building into every remote location they can squeeze into?

Or should we be encouraging local networks to gain the expertise to both run IX and operate local peering networks? A task ISOC and some of the RIRs have been pursuing. Maybe it can all live harmoniously together? This talk will explore this and hopefully provide food-for-thought to the community on these issues.

PDF of slide presentation