GPF 14 – Low latency video gaming within the Middle East

Low latency video gaming within the Middle East

Martijn Schmidt,

Martijn will talk about’s experience setting up shop in Dubai back in 2016, and how that compares to other regions where they’re present. He’ll also describe some challenges specific to the Middle East that are not in’s power to resolve unilaterally, and what incumbent fixed-line ISPs can do in terms of traffic engineering (or lack thereof) to help the video-gaming community grow and flourish in their home markets.

Furthermore, he’ll cover some common myths relating to online video-gaming content such as: expected raw bandwidth volumes, why transit providers may not keep traffic local, why obtaining a great connection to Europe helps but is typically not good enough, and why the content cannot be served through locally hosted caches in the ISP’s networks. In the end, we’ll summarize how centralized internet exchange points with wider coverage throughout the region help to address many of these issues and greatly benefit the online video-gaming community.

PDF of slide presentation