GPF 13 – Pivo: LinkedIn Peering Tool

Pivo: LinkedIn Peering Tool

Marijana Novakovic, LinkedIn

LinkedIn is working on offering Pivo, a peering tool, as an open source tool to the peering community. Pivo, originally, was an internal peering session configuration script on edge devices. Gradually, it evolves into a comprehensive peering management tool with operations functionalities such as monitoring, configuring, and managing new and existing BGP peering sessions. It currently uses PeeringDB API to help configure and maintain multiple peering sessions on different peering Internet exchanges and acts as the source of truth between the edge devices and PeeringDB. It would also support IXPDB when it is open to the public. Understanding the challenge of manually managing peering sessions, and after years of software development iterations to polish Pivo, LinkedIn is happy to share it with the community. The speaker will discuss how to use Pivo and how other network operators can use it in their environment.