GPF 12.0 – We are connected. We are New York. The hub that never sleeps.

Christian Koch, Pilot Fiber

Ivo Ivanov, DE-CIX


There has been tremendous progress in the development of the New York metro as a well-known digital hub over the past 5 years. This presentation will take you on a deep dive through the agile ecosystem of New York metro including New Jersey and Long Island. We will shed light on the major parties driving this ecosystem, while looking at the various types of businesses, the underlying infrastructure with its fiber paths and capacities. We will highlight how this ecosystem was affected in the past by natural disasters given the special geographic location of New York and especially Manhattan. While we are exploring the ecosystem of New York, we will also highlight the determining factors for digital hubs on a global scale, which will enable us to compare the uniqueness of the New York metro to other global digital hubs, such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Singapore. Finally, we expect tremendous growth in the future, which should encourage you to become part of this agile ecosystem.