Q. What is GPF?
A. The Global Peering Forum is a yearly networking event that promotes interconnection among networks, content, cloud, and digital media organizations and related entities. The 2021 meeting will be the 15th meeting.

Q. Who should attend GPF?
A. We highly recommend GPF for peering and interconnection decision makers at organizations actively involved in exchanging internet traffic. If you are not an interconnection decision maker for your organization, we genuinely appreciate your interest in GPF and can suggest a number of other network and operations-focused events that might be appropriate to attend.

Q. Is there a list of currently registered GPF 2021 attendees?
A. Yes! Please see the Current Attendee List.

Q. Is there a meeting maker for GPF 2021?
A. Yes! Approved attendees will receive an invitation to the meeting tool approximately a month before the event. For additional help:

  • How to Request a Private Meeting
  • How to Edit a Private Meeting
  • How to Remove/Decline a Private Meeting
  • For an iCal feed of your meetings for use in Google Calendar or other apps, click on My Schedule from the homepage, then on Export, then right click (or control-click) on “Subscribe to My Schedule in Outlook” to copy the link to your .ics feed
  • To request a meeting using the mobile site, click on Attendees, find one attendee you would like to meet with, then click the Meet button in the upper right. After this, you can add additional attendees, and select a time and location.

Q. Where can I find GPF sponsorship information?
A. We have a limited number of sponsorships remaining for GPF 2021 on our Sponsorship Opportunities page. Thanks for your interest!

Q. Are there attendee guidelines I can review before attending?
A. There is an Attendance Charter available, covering activities that are generally prohibited for anti-discriminatory and legal reasons.  Bottom line: please show the utmost respect for other attendees, sponsors, staff, contractors, and venue employees, and don’t be mean.